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Group Leader 3rd Shift- Service Department - Morgantown, PA #3756701

Company: Morgan Corporation

Date: 08/13/2017

Category: Advertising/Public Relations

City: Morgantown, PA

Employment type: Full-time

Before you begin, please note special application instructions below.

Application Instructions:
  • Click the link below to complete our pre-employment assessment (approximately 30 minutes or less).

  • After completing the pre-employment assessment, come back to this job posting and click the Apply button to complete our online application where you can also submit a resume.

  • After completing your online application, your pre-employment assessment results and application/resume will be more thoroughly reviewed and you may be contacted for a personal interview.


Morgan Corporation is the largest manufacturer of medium duty freight van bodies and refrigerated truck bodies in the U.S.   Joining the Morgan team means being part of a growing company with huge rewards for your career.   We pride ourselves in team member development, performance recognition and a culture of diversity and respect.  

Essential Job Functions:
  • Work and adhere to all safety policies within the work area and throughout the company.
  • Properly and safely operate required tools both power/non-power.
  • Understand and comprehend measurements and have the ability to apply based on instruction. Ability to read a tape measurer.
  • Fully understand quality policies and have minimum or zero defects per unit.
  • Ability to read and or interpret work orders.
  • Team member actively participates and supports PPS, 5S and TPM.
  • Work required schedule including overtime.
  • Assist with on the job training of team members.
  • Work with little or no supervision.
  • Meet physical requirements which include lifting up to 50lbs, standing for long periods, bending, stooping, reaching and squatting.
  • Perform other duties as required by management.
  • Use computer to reform job task and track jobs & Parts.
  • Keep records and prints of specials
  • Ability to   use different parts to make jobs work properly


Specific Job Functions :


Effective use and coordination of resources to accomplish specific goals and outputs while
maintaining quality and customer satisfaction.
  • Track and control more hours on jobs to meet goals of profit.
  • Effective and efficient utilization of people and other resources (overtime, equipment, material, etc.)
  • Efficiently and effectively plan and execute daily work.
  • Coordinate activities with other departments of the plant.
  • Achieve truck delivery goals; daily delivery, monthly delivery, and on time delivery.
  • Monitor and control inventory levels to ensure appropriate availability and work in process levels.



Creativity in approaches to safety, personnel, productivity, and quality related problems.
  • Seek and develop new or improved processes that result in improved productivity and customer
  • Seek and develop solutions to problems as appropriate with supervisors and venders.
  • Self-Starter, plans set and followed once directed on job.
  • Mounts all makes, models of lift gates, and hoists.
  • Repairs all makes, models of lift gates, and hoists.
  • Performs chassis frame modifications of all makes and models or chassis.
  • Performs all work on specials, can fabricate all types of equipment and jigs needed for jobs.
  • Performs all electrical work to hook up generators, lights, outlets, and electric equipment on all specials.
  • Can trouble shoot all types of problems and is good at thinking of better ways to meet resolutions.
  • Performs all above work in a timely manner, consistently meets budget hours.
  • Contributes knowledge and skills to all jobs.
  • Can weld all types of material aluminum and steel.



Demonstrate a commitment to quality and the quality process. Completes assignments in an accurate and
thorough manner. Produces work that meets or exceeds standard including satisfying the requirements of internal or external customers.
  • Display personal quality attitude and quality leadership / sponsorship.
  • Monitor established work procedures / practices; follow specs. Implement changes as required.
  • Take an active role in the daily truck audits. Follow up on issues and corrective actions.
  • Monitor quality of trucks in process and in rework and communicate actions required / taken.
  • Actively pursue defect reductions and positively impact defect measurements.
  • Implement and maintain quality improvement efforts. Maintain processes.



Lead by personal example to create and maintain a safe and orderly work environment. Enforces or follows
safe work practices.
  • Achieve zero lost time injuries and reduce OSHA recordable injuries.
  • Assure compliance to safety policies and safe work practices.
  • Maintain consistent daily housekeeping of all areas of responsibility.
  • Utilize established programs and personal (safety meetings, etc.) to improve safety

  •          Display personal safety attitude and safety leadership / sponsorship.




    Provide associates with objectives and standards specifying results to be achieved. Provide tools,
    training, and support as needed. Provide a motivating climate supportive of
    each team member becoming fully competent.

    • Display and promote teamwork and effective communication within Production and the company as a whole.  
    • Deal quickly and effectively with associate issues / concerns.
    • Adhere to all legal and company policies and procedures.
    • Take an active interest in the training of all new and existing associates assigned within
      your area of responsibility.
    • Maintain continual effective communication with associates assigned to area of responsibility.
    • Perform performance coaching and counseling as required to ensure associates perform to
      desired expectations.


    • High School Diploma or equivalent GED preferred.
    • Prior supervisory experience preferred but not required.

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