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Title I Paraprofessional - Rock Springs, WY #7496821

Company: Sweetwater County School District #1

Date: 07/01/2020

City: Rock Springs, WY

Employment type: Full-time

Job Title: Title I Instructional Paraprofessional

Location: Desert Schools - Wamsutter

Reports To: Building Principal/Title I Program Coordinator

Terms of Employment:

9 Months/Year

Part Time, 29 hours per week


Nature and Scope of Job:

To implement on a daily basis all assistance toward maximizing student learning as deemed necessary and/or required to meet the personal and academic needs of each student under the direction of the Title I program/teacher(s).

Job Functions:

Essential Functions:

  1. Assists in implementing set lesson plans in reading as directed by the Title I teacher(s) an individual, cooperative and small group settings on a daily basis.

  2. Facilitates in the supervision and classroom management of targeted students as directed by the Title I teacher(s) at all times during the school day.

  3. Assists the Title I teacher(s) in preparing the classroom, materials, and equipment.

  4. Maintains class area in a clean and orderly manner on a daily basis.

  5. Maintains confidentiality of all information concerning students, staff, or parent/guardian in any public setting and chooses the appropriate time, place, and supervisor to discuss problems.

  6. Uses positive verbal and non-verbal communication and interaction skills when working with student, parents, and all district personnel at all times.

Other Functions:

  1. Locates, researches, duplicates, copies, constructs, files, laminates, types, designs, colors, cuts, draws, glues, and organizes instructional materials.

  2. Corrects assignments.

  3. Types correspondence to parents.

  4. Intervenes with students, at the direction of the teacher or administrator, in crisis/emergency situations.

  5. Seeks appropriate additional tasks when assigned work is completed.

  6. Performs any other assigned duties.


Job Qualifications:

Knowledge, Skills, and Mental Ability

Knowledge of child growth and development. Knowledge of the teaching-learning process.

Knowledge of lesson implementation and presentation.

Knowledge of classroom management techniques.

Ability to enunciate clearly and communicate positively throughout the work day.

Ability to follow and successfully complete both written and oral directions.

Ability to think clearly and calculate accurately.

Ability to work with people of various personality types.

Possess sound emotional judgment.

Education, License, Certification or Formal Training

Must be highly qualified:

Highly qualified classification is 48 college hours, AA degree, or a passing grade on the district approved ParaPro test.

Equipment Used:

Computer and Peripherals

Photocopy Machine


Overhead Projector

Paper Cutter

Adding Machine/Calculator

Opaque Projector

Video Cassette Recorder

Physical Demands:

Digital finger strength necessary to type on heavy setting occasionally.

Finger, hand, and arm strength necessary to write on paper, chalkboard, overhead, etc., throughout the the work day.

Visual acuity and stamina to work at a computer monitor occasionally.

Visual acuity and stamina to work with varied sizes and types of written material throughout the work day.

Near and far visual acuity.

Lower body strength to kneel, stand, and walk throughout the work day.

Upper body strength to lift 25 pounds and carry more than 50 feet throughout the work day.

Verbal stamina to articulate clearly and with appropriate volume throughout the work day.

Auditory discrimination sufficient to receive detailed information through normal speech at 5 feet and warning cries or alarms above normal classroom and playground noise.

Environmental Demands:

Regular exposure to weather extremes.

Occasional exposure to loud noises.

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