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Software Engineer - New Orleans, LA #7725149

Company: Planned Systems International

Date: 11/22/2020

City: New Orleans, LA

Employment type: Full-time

Essential Functions and Job Responsibilities:

Provide comprehensive operational and maintenance support to three MARFORRES web based application systems: 1) Memorandum Fiscal Services (MFS); 2) Training, Exercise and Employment Program (TEEP), Transportation of people, and transportation of things (T3); and MFR Manpower. Below is a brief description of each of the applications.

MFS is the primary MARFORES financial system used to integrate diverse data from external systems. MFS delivers a wide span of support covering multiple functional areas within the MARFORRES financial community such as the following: budgeting support, authorization funding management, conference request routing, unit travel card processing, transactional research/validation, financial reporting, billing reconciliation, Defense Travel System account management, and evaluation assessments. MFS is a web based system supporting more than 500 active users throughout the continental United States in support of the MARFORRES financial community. MFS is an ever-evolving financial tool designed to provide accurate and expedient budgeting and accounting information to assist managers in making informed decisions effecting the command's financial posture. With Business Process Reengineering as the main focus of MFS, the system is designed to fill capability gaps, automate and streamline workflows, and provide integrated reporting capabilities. MFS is agile and able to adapt quickly to the changing DoD financial landscape as new requirements and policy changes must be incorporated into the system to ensure compliancy. MFS is a primary facilitating system for MARFORRES in audit support by offering document retention and rapid retrieval capabilities. MFS has three major external data feeds and two additional internal data exchanges which are processed daily from these Marine Corps systems: SMARTS, MROWS, and GCSS-MC. Currently there are 4 data exchanges, 3 are one-directional (incoming) and one interface is bi-directional. Once the data is received, MFS runs an integration processing job to prepare this data for end users every morning. On average annually, the MFS programming cycle includes 3-4 major projects (greater than two weeks design phase – 4 weeks in the development phase) and roughly 8 minor projects (under two weeks in duration). The new development requirements range from cosmetic modifications to major modular rewrites based on the prioritization of the MARFORRES MFS Configuration Control Board. In addition, there are several items that fall outside of the normal System Development Life Cycle that require support such as: COOP preparation, ADHOC reporting support, system/network troubleshooting, and tasks required to maintain the system's Authority to Operate (ATO). The contractor should be familiar with T-SQL DB and ASP.NET Web Forms in VB to work within the MFS program.

T3 is a web based system designed to be a Commander's TEEP management and transportation management tool, capable of identifying unit, personnel, equipment, and resources prior to the execution of training exercises or deployments COMMARFORRES is responsible for the training and the operational readiness of 39,000 Marine Reservists. MARFORRES G-3/5 is responsible for managing a financial database that integrates Operating Budgets with training and exercises, which result in resource utilization over time. Resources are defined as units and their associated personnel, equipment, and funding. The MARFORRES G-3/5 Department provides budgeting, accounting, execution and financial support services through the T3 Database to four Major Subordinate Commands (4th Marine Aircraft Wing, 4th Marine Division, 4th Marine Logistics Group, and the Force Headquarters Group) in addition to many major programs managed at the headquarter level. A major challenge facing the MARFORRES G-3/5 is the geographical dispersion of the more than 160 sites throughout the United States.

The MFR IRR Management Application is a web based system designed to maintain accurate and current personnel records on members of the Individual Ready Reserve Components, to include mailing address, physical condition, military qualifications, dependency status, civilian occupational skills, availability for service, and other information that is needed to determine strength levels of the Military Services. Below outlines the current operating environment for this task area:

Currently Microsoft Visual Studio is used to develop the code, and Azure DevOps server for version control, testing and release management capabilities. The development team in coordination with the Marine Forces Reserve Server/Network personnel to conduct the user acceptance testing, performance, and load testing of the applications. Release notes are published to the home page of each application. Currently there are no set monthly release scheduled for changes to production. In the current environment MFR follows an agile schema, sprints are anywhere from 2-6 weeks, and depends on the complexity of the project.

The demands on each application translate to a functionality backlog of 50-100 items varying in levels of complexity. Each program manager operates on a continuous agile development schedule producing new functionality at least once a month. Our software engineers receives roughly on average of 10 tickets per month; most are for minor bugs or cosmetic changes. Non "bug" tickets are required to be presented to each applications Configuration Control Board (CCB). Out of the 10 tickets, about 2-3 requests per week ranging from simple bug fixes or cosmetic adjustments; major rewrites range from about (1-2 per year). Each application must also be updated to meet current technology platform changes which equate to major re-writes every three years on average.

MFS has roughly 500-600 active daily users, T3 has approximately 300 active daily users, and MFR Manpower has approximately 200. MFS has right at 150,000 lines of code, while MFR Manpower has approximately 12,000; T3 system has approximately 100,000. In addition to the number of lines of codes, each system has a code quality range, which ranges from adequate to exceptional. These are mature systems which needs to be maintained while at the same time prepare to update to new technologies and help develop new features.

Minimum Requirements:

  • DoD SECRET Clearance
  • CompTIA Security+
  • 10 years of experience and a BA/BS or MA/MS degree

Preferred Requirements:

  • Experience in:
  • Risk Management Framework (RMF) accreditation process
  • Enterprise application management
  • Software development change management.

  • Microsoft 70-461 test querying MS SQL Server 2012/2014

Planned Systems International provides our customers with value-added management consulting and information technology services that consistently deliver success, and we are recognized as a world-class provider of innovative solutions that benefit mankind. From Systems Lifecycle Support and Healthcare IT Solutions to Network and Desktop Solutions and e-Business, PSI is focused on making our clients' businesses run smoother and better. With a highly trained technical staff, we apply state-of-the-art information technologies, the industry's most advanced methodologies, and broad-based support services to clients in U.S. Government agencies and the commercial sector.

PSI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply, including:

Minorities, Women, Individuals with Disabilities, and Protected Veterans.

NOTE TO JOB SERVICE: VEVRAA Federal Contractor requesting priority referrals of Protected Veterans.

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