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Assistant Director, Civil Process - Greenwood, MO #7890179

Company: 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri

Date: 04/17/2021

City: Greenwood, MO

Employment type: Full-time

Applications must be received by Human Resources no later than 05:00 PM on 04/29/2021


To assist in managing the efficient operation and development of the Civil Process functions executing process in the 16th Circuit as required by law and the administration of the annual Delinquent Land Tax sale. To assist with managing and providing for the development of the Civil Process Department personnel.

60% - Manage and ensure the administration of the annual Delinquent Land Tax sale and execution of process; assist with formulating and implementing administrative policies and procedures. Review and make recommendations to the Director pertaining to delinquent land tax matters.

      • Assist director in planning, organizing, and managing the activities of a professional, technical, and clerical staff to ensure the efficient operation of all Civil Process Department functions including the administration of the annual delinquent land tax sale, service of process, and execution of writ.
      • Serve as custodian of court records for land tax suits and manage related functions which include the accurate publishing of legal land parcel descriptions, direct the annual sale of real estate sold for nonpayment of county taxes, preparation of deeds and sales reports, evictions on land tax properties and attend hearings.
      • Oversee docket preparation and assure representation of monthly excess proceeds hearings.
      • Assist director in developing and modifying various components of the operational structure. Develop and implement operational and administrative policies and procedures. Develop, prepare, and review a variety of routine and non- routine reports, spreadsheets, narratives, and other documents for the department.
      • Investigate and resolve a variety of operational problems impacting the department.
      • Engage in strategic planning and perform regular analysis of the service of summons, ex parte and full orders of protection, attachments, replevins, garnishments, levies, evictions, and other execution writs.
      • Ensure departmental goals, standards, operating procedures, and systems are current and adhered to by department members. Monitor the quality, quantity, timeliness, and procedural compliance of work produced and plan to address potential delays in service.
      • Collaborate with the Accounting and Fiscal Department to contribute to proper disbursement of all monies paid into the court in delinquent land tax sale and civil process matters.
      • Direct real and personal property seizure and sale; direct the preparation of, record keeping, and tracking of attached property and, when required, sell such property under an execution.
      • Maintain current knowledge of modern principles, practices, methods, and techniques of execution of process.
      • Provide input to Director as required on court-wide policies and procedures. Provide input and recommendations to Director for immediate, short-term, and long-range Court needs and objectives.
      • Assist Director with preparation, justification, implementation, and monitoring of departmental budget; originate requisitions for supplies, equipment, and services.
      • Perform related work as required to include, but not limited to, serve on teams/committees as assigned, cross-train for other jobs as assigned, and work on special projects as assigned.
      • Serve as Acting Director in the absence of the Director.
30% - Assist the director in coordinating and supervising daily operations of the Civil Process Department.
      • Assist in managing and developing the skills and abilities of Civil Process Department staff to assure that they become successful in providing services.
      • Assign, direct, and supervise the work of subordinate professional and administrative staff, both directly and indirectly.
      • Address with the Clerical Supervisor and Manager the need to ensure departmental goals, standards, operating procedures, and systems are current and adhered to by department members. Monitor the quality, quantity, timeliness, and procedural compliance of work produced and coordinate a plan to address potential delays in service.
      • Advise employees when unusual situations arise or when new procedures are instituted.
      • Assist Director in hiring process to include reviewing applications and making recommendation for hire.
      • Investigate and resolve personnel matters or recommend appropriate actions.
      • Assess training needs and requirements for development of staff.
      • Assess the assessment and evaluation of staff performance.
      • Review and monitor timekeeping records within Court timekeeping system, as necessary.
10% - Provide information and/or respond to questions, issues, and problems. Attend meetings and training.
      • Provide information to and answer questions from court and county administrators, attorneys, and the general public related to matters involving the Civil Process Department.
      • Respond to sunshine requests, inquiries, service concerns and complaints from the public, attorneys and landlords related to the service of process, execution of writ or delinquent land tax matters.
      • Work cooperatively with other departments and outside agencies as necessary.
      • Attend and conduct meetings, seminars, and training.
      • Keep Director informed of any issues affecting department, such as, personnel issues, serious incidents, incidents required to report by policy, or matters that may have adverse publicity, or may adversely affect the operations of the Court.


Education above the minimum stated may be substituted on a year for year basis for the required general experience; experience above the minimum stated may be substituted on a year for year basis for the required education.

      • EDUCATION: Bachelor’s degree in public or business administration, or criminal justice or a related field.
      • EXPERIENCE: Five years’ work experience in law enforcement, service of process, legal setting, or a closely related field including three years in a management capacity.
      • Must submit to and pass criminal background check as prescribed by Courts.
      • All applicants for this position are subject to testing for illegal drug use prior to appointment.
      • Employees in this position are subject to random and reasonable suspicion testing for illegal drug use.
KNOWLEDGE , SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Knowledge, skills, and abilities required to function at an acceptable level in the position.
      • Thorough knowledge of Court procedures, legal documents, laws, and legal factors pertaining to the Court.
      • Knowledge of personnel policies and practices, procedures, and employment law.
      • Knowledge of supervisory and management techniques.
      • Knowledge of budget preparation and monitoring.
      • Knowledge of execution process, firearm safety and self-defense equipment is helpful.
      • Some knowledge of law enforcement procedures and practices.
      • Ability to make sound decisions in accordance with laws, regulations, and Court policies and procedures.
      • Ability to maintain varied and complex records and prepare reports from these records.
      • Ability to analyze and organize facts and precedents and to prepare written recommendations. Ability to respond to incidents in the field.
      • Ability to organize, direct, and coordinate administrative activities in a manner conducive to full performance and high morale.
      • Ability to recognize, investigate, and analyze a variety of administrative problems and devise effective solutions.
      • Ability to plan, schedule, assign, and supervise the work of subordinates engaged in varied activities.
      • Ability to organize and prioritize a variety of demands on time.
      • Ability to effectively train, supervise, motivate and objectively assess the performance potential of applicants and performance of employees.
      • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, and to prepare clear, complete and logical reports and/or correspondence.
      • Ability to apply specialized knowledge to individual cases and problems.
      • Ability to work and relate in a positive fashion toward individuals from diverse backgrounds and maintain effective working relationships.
      • Ability to speak publicly in an effective manner.
      • Skill in the operation of standard office equipment, i.e. computer, telephone, copier/fax, printer, etc.
      • Skilled in the operation of word processing and spreadsheet applications.
WORKING CONDITIONS: Work environment and facilities required to work in as well as physical demands and/or mental requirements. (This is not an inclusive list; other tasks/duties may be assigned.)
      • Office Environment: Employees are protected from weather conditions or contaminants, but occasional temperature changes may occur.
      • STANDING - 15% of time – Required when speaking with or assisting individuals; at an employee’s desk; while observing process; waiting for meetings, elevators, etc.
      • WALKING - 15% of time – Required when delivering or retrieving information, files, etc., from within the office or from other departments or floors; attending meetings in other buildings or departments.
      • SITTING - 66% of time – Required when completing personal computer/telephone work assignments and attending meetings.
      • DRIVING/TRAVEL – 4% of time - Required when attending meetings at other facilities.
      • LIFTING/CARRYING – 30 lbs. – Required when lifting files or materials.
      • PUSHING/PULLING - 30 lbs. – Required when moving file boxes and office supplies or materials; and when opening and closing file cabinet drawers and doors.
      • VISION – Must be adequate to use personal computer, filing, completion of reports, forms, and correspondence.
      • HEARING – Must be adequate for normal conversation with employees or applicants and the general public or communicating via telephone.
      • SPEECH – Must be able to speak and understand English clearly to provide detailed information by telephone and in person.
      • CLIMBING/BALANCING – Required when negotiating stairs, or retrieving files or supplies/materials from overhead or from the floor.
      • STOOPING/KNEELING/CROUCHING/CRAWLING – Required when retrieving or filing from lower drawers or when retrieving items, office supplies, etc., from the floor.
      • REACHING/HANDLING – Required on most tasks.

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