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Snap Job Search was created by an HR Executive, with job seekers in mind. Most job searches are done on common job boards such as Monster and Career Builder. Snap searches over 300 job boards, newspapers, and websites! Thus you will be finding jobs that others aren't, giving you a better chance of landing a job.

Type in the job you want and the city or state or just the title if you don't care where in the US the job is located.

Example: Looking for an HR Director job in Detroit? Type in Human Resources Detroit. If you can locate to any state you would just type in Human Resources Director.

OR...if you want to work for a particular company do this: Pepsi Bottling Company Michigan orFord Motor Company.

TIP-Use quotes. If you want a job as a "Retail Marketing Manager". Use the quotes. Otherwise you will get results for Retail and Marketing Jobs.

You get the picture. You'll catch on in a Snap!
 What are you waiting for?  Find a job!







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